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Director Message

We want our students to do really well in their thinking, ideas, and performance. To make this happen, me and my teachers work really hard and are dedicated to our job. We’re confident that with our efforts, we can achieve great success.

At JRS COACHING CENTRE, we know that the final results depend on the students, but we also believe that teachers play a big role in guiding students towards their goals. I personally keep an eye on what’s happening in my classes to make sure we’re achieving our goals as an organization.

Our teachers come from top universities like IITs, so they know what it takes to succeed in tough exams. We believe that preparing for exams involves three main things: understanding concepts, knowing how to use them, and being able to apply them in different situations. We work hard to make sure every student understands these things well.

On behalf of the whole team at JRS COACHING CENTRE, I invite you to join us and experience the high quality education and innovative teaching methods that can help you become a top professional.

Best Wishes,

Jitendra Kumar Shashi Director,



 JRS COACHING CENTRE is a place that offers quality education at affordable prices. Even though we’re a small business now, we have big dreams of becoming a top-notch institution known for helping students excel in tough exams. We’re building a community of teachers and students who work together towards one goal: success.

Since our beginning, we’ve been focused on real learning, and we’ve already helped students achieve success in their chosen fields. Other institutes envy our results.

At JRS COACHING CENTRE, we provide coaching for a variety of competitive exams like banking, government jobs, and more. Our teaching style, experienced teachers, and detailed study materials make us a top choice for many students.

We have dedicated teachers for each subject who are experts in their field. They’re not just good at teaching, but they also know how to make learning fun and effective. Our teachers are trained to help students learn better, whether it’s by answering questions, solving problems, or discussing topics.

Overall, at JRS COACHING CENTRE, we’re dedicated to helping students succeed and making learning as easy and enjoyable as possible.


“We Bridge The Difference Between Try And Triumph” 

Here at our coaching center, we don’t just provide study materials and tests; we focus on every aspect of preparation right from the start. We believe that every little activity adds up and can have a big impact on a person’s life. We encourage students to ask different kinds of questions about each topic and solve problems in a systematic way.

We believe that daily practice is key. That’s why we give students lots of assignments, mock tests, and doubt-clearing sessions. We truly believe in the saying “Practice makes perfect.” We’ve noticed that many students are shy to ask questions during regular classes, so we make sure to give them individual attention during doubt classes.

Our study materials are carefully designed with clear explanations and plenty of practice questions at different difficulty levels. The lectures are aligned with the study materials to ensure the best results for our students.


Salient Features

  • We’re a highly efficient, dedicated, and excellent organization.
  • Our environment is healthy and competitive.
  • Our faculty members are highly qualified, experienced, and committed.
  • We teach many useful shortcuts and tricks.
  • We offer periodic motivational counseling to keep students inspired.
  • Students can attend regular doubt-clearing classes.
  • We cover lectures on every topic.
  • Our study materials are scientifically designed, clear, and up-to-date.
  • We provide plenty of mock test papers for practice.
  • Our library is extensive.
  • Our e-test series includes various tests prepared from a large question bank.
  • We track students’ progress through regular tests.
  • We keep our class sizes small to provide individual attention and maintain a competitive environment.
  • We’re conveniently located within walking distance of bus and metro stations.
  • There are many paying guest options available nearby.
  • · Our classrooms are air-conditioned, spacious, well-lit, and hygienic.


Campus & Infrastructure

At JRS COACHING CENTRE, we’re committed to creating an environment where students can succeed. Here are the facilities we offer to support our students:

  • Classrooms: Our classrooms are spacious, air-conditioned, and well-lit, with enough room for 20 to 40 students. We also use digital projectors for teaching when needed.
  • Doubt Clearance Room: We have small rooms where students can have discussions and get help with any questions they have.
  • Library: Our library has textbooks, magazines, newspapers, and past exam papers. Students can borrow books by paying a security deposit.
  • Online Test Series: Each student gets a username and password to access weekly online tests, both chapter-wise and full-length exams.
  • Computer Lab: Students have access to computers for filling out exam forms and other online tasks.
  • Hostel Facility: We assist students in finding paying guest accommodations in the DELHI CANTT. area. Hostel charges range from Rs 4500/- to Rs 8000/- per month, depending on preferences like food and AC.
  • Transport Facility: We offer cab services for selected areas nearby, for an additional charge.